Bradley Cooper was so sexy last night that I had a hard time noticing anything else, but a lot happened.
Gravity rose to the top. For some reason, this film (created entirely with CGI) was given the award for Best Cinematography.

This New York Times article explains the making of the movie. Similar to Avatar a few years ago, the creative team of Alfonso Cuaron had to invent a new form of filmmaking. This seems to be a growing trend, since Best Cinematography awards have gone to CGI-heavy films in recent years.

Sanda Bullock's performance in Gravity is one of the best of her career.

Sanda Bullock’s performance in Gravity is one of the best of her career.

Joaquin Phoenix won absolutely nothing for his performance in Her, even though he delivered, in my humble opinion, one of this year’s most emotionally complex performances. Her did win Best Original Screenplay.

I saw Dallas Buyers Club during its opening week and thought to myself, “This film is so hard to market that it’s going to get completely ignored.” I also remember thinking, “Why the hell is Matthew McConaughey in this movie?”

I was wrong. The film did get noticed, and McConaughey delivered the performance of his career.

dallas 2

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club.

McConaughey started changing people’s expectations in 2012 with darker indie films like Mud, Killer Joe and Lee Daniels’ Southern gothic The Paperboy, which also featured Nicole Kidman in blue eyeshadow, showing you how a blowjob is done.

I saw all of them. I watched the evolution happen. But it was with the role of Ron Woodroof, an AIDS fighter during the early days of the epidemic, that it paid off in gold.

McConaughey delivered a powerhouse performance as Woodroof, a Robin Hood-esque outlaw of the American medical system during the mid-1980s. It was a raw performance in service of a powerful story that needed to be told.

Jared Leto took home the award for Best Supporting Actor for his turn as a Dallas trans woman named Rayon. The role has caused a lot of controversy.

Yes, there are trans actresses that could have played the role. But before the part become political, it was simply a job for Leto, and it was one he did well. He delivered a powerful and stirring performance.

It would be more precise to take issue with the casting director or with the screenwriter responsible for the off-color trans jokes in the film.


oscars 2014 2

Now, about the looks.

The guys in suits generally get overlooked by gown-clad starlets, so I’ll simply mention a few things regarding the night’s style. McConaughey wore a white dinner jacket from Dolce & Gabbana as he delivered his rambling, terrible acceptance speech.

Jared Leto and Ryan Seacrest also wore white jackets, so apparently white jackets are okay now. I thought they still belonged to assholes on prom night, the guys that also show up in fedoras and walking canes, but maybe that’s just me.

white jacket

Pharrell Williams wore a Lanvin jacket and shorts. Bradley Cooper rocked a simple black bowtie and some sexy scruff. *swoon*

After starring in two films that rocked the Oscars (last year’s Silver Linings Playbook and this year’s American Hustle) I wish Bradley would win something. And Ellen, thanks for the selfie. It will go down in Oscar legend.



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