Go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier with your muscular military fuck bud. The whole experience gets amplified.

It opens with Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) jogging around Washington, D.C. in a handsomely paid-for Under Armour shirt (the logo makes a lengthy appearance the entire first scene).

Here he runs into Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie, The Hurt Locker), the dude who later becomes Falcon.

The Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie

The Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie

Although I’m glad Falcon made it into the franchise, he is the weakest part of this movie. But no worries, the weak parts are plentiful. We’ll later learn that Sam just happens to own a set of metal flight wings, sitting in his home garage for the day they’re needed. Do you need a permit for that?

The whoel action flick is an unsubtle statement on the dangers of government surveillance. The bad guys (I won’t say who they are, that’s a surprise) have risen up in S.H.I.E.L.D and initiated a plan to release warships into space. The ships operate on a digital program that collects data on everyone in the world in order to predict crimes before they happen. Very Minority Report. 

It’s a timely premise in light of the United States’ recent NSA tapping and the deliverance of our messianic Edward Snowden. Captain America himself, with his stern brow and full lips, sums up the film’s  statement when he tells Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson): “Holding a gun to everyone’s head. This isn’t freedom. This is fear.”

It’s easy and predictable, but at least there’s good fighting. See Winter Soldier and love America, the land of freedom and muscle.


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