Beastly Reviews: Neighbors

In a milieu where hunky guys do superhero movies and Oscars are given to pretty women who break free of their typecast, Zac Efron is simply hot.

In Neighbors, the new comedy from Nicholas Stoller (The Five-Year EngagementGet Him To the Greek), we see a tiny glimpse of something more from Zac Efron — an actor still riding his sex appeal while flexing some acting chops. But the purpose of his role in the comedy is to be cute and damn it, that’s what we need — an unapologetic male sex icon of our times.

His Neighbors character is a classic frat bro, complete with abs and bad manners. But then something changes in the film’s third act. The light changes. He’s sitting in a wheelchair, brandishing a baseball bat, plotting his next attempt to get back at Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne), the new couple that’s moved into the house next door. He looks dangerous — a kid who might really get in trouble someday.

The pranks get pulled. Neighbors unfolds much like we expect. We cling along for the punchlines between Rogen and Byrne (and for their refreshing, believable onscreen chemistry) and to see Efron from every angle, shirtless, beautiful.

— Beastly


  1. Loved this movie! Yes, Zac is a stud and you left a really telling review of all the actors, including Rose Byrne, whose performance here blew me away. Honestly, the world needs more light yet thoughtful movies like this with eye candy and humor to match. Great article!


    1. Thanks so much Hailey! Everyone, check out out Hailey’s blog: She’s a brilliant and thoughtful writer. Her stories, in my experience, always tackle human frailties and our confusion with love, sex and each other. Great stuff.


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