They gave their best effort at uniting two story lines that should have never been linked. Big pat on the back.

Unfortunately there are still too many continuity errors and plot problems for it to pass as an adequate bandaid on the whole bungled X-Men franchise.

Let me begin with my first question: does Mystique age? If she’s 30-something in Days of Future Past, which is set in 1973, how is she a young woman (Rebecca Romijn) in her mid-thirties (at most) when she loses her powers in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), set in the present-day?

And who in their right mind is going to believe J-Law is in her mid-thirties? This is an actress that passes as twenty-something onscreen and as an utter child on the red carpet. I mean, come on.

And who in their right mind is going to believe J-Law is in her mid-thirties? 

Also, how can Xavier reassemble himself after being blown to bits? He gets killed in The Last Stand by Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey, yet he’s alive in the future in his hover-wheelchair in the early scenes of Days of Future Past. 

Xavier is powerful mutant, but I didn’t think he was that powerful.

Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) kills Xavier in 2006's

Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) kills Xavier in 2006’s “Last Stand.”

All these questions and more are (poorly, embarrassingly) addressed in a Buzzfeed interview with producer-screenwriter Simon Kinberg.

Days of Future Past does not click the reset button on the series, at least not for me. It does not pave the way for more films. If anything, it just raises more questions while making the First Class storyline sadly ruined.

We see who is alive and well when Logan/Wolverine “wakes up” at the end of Days of Future Past, so we know who survives from the First Class crew, because they’re the same characters, just aged a bit.

I was kind of hoping First Class was a reboot, not a prequel to an already failed franchise. (If you don’t think the franchise was failed, I urge you to re-watch The Last Stand.) Linking the two films stunts the First Class crew immensely.

Now that Fassbender/McAvoy are tied to the older three movies, they can’t be in any future films. Which is unfortunate, because I thought they made a great Magneto/Xavier duo.

But hey, Days of Future Past wasn’t all bad. They made some bold and beautiful choices in the last twenty minutes. McKellan’s Magneto getting stabbed (fatally, we presume) with a sharp piece of metal? The poetry!

Michael Fassbender is too sexy for words, and he’s a brilliant Magneto. I wish the wimpy, wispy James McAvoy didn’t appear so uncool in comparison.

Rape me. Please.

Rape me. Please.

I entered the cinema with hopes that all the plot errors and problems would be righted and X-Men would be restored to its glory. I wanted a true reset. I walked out scratching my head, frustrated and a little let down.

Final bit: How does Kitty Pride (Ellen Page) not look a day older than she did in The Last Stand, even though we can guess she is at least twenty years older in the early scenes of Future Past? How does she now possess the ability to send people through time? The filmmakers might need a refresher course on what exactly Kitty Pride’s mutant abilities are.

You tried.


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