My home state, Georgia, just attempted to pass a  RFRA bill.

It’s happening. The backlash. These so-called “Religious Freedom” bills are the next battleground for queer folks.

Georgia comes as no surprise. Go ahead, Georgia. Further isolate and disenfranchise the homos — your business owners, moneymakers, industry leaders. Who do you think made Atlanta look good? Who do you think is beautifying the city’s shitty malls and gentrifying its ghettos into chic, family-friendly neighborhoods? Fags are doing the labor your city planners can’t do, or won’t do. We’re paying these rent prices because we don’t have kids keeping us poor. Be grateful for us.

I’d be happy to move elsewhere and take all the gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses with me. Let’s leave the homophobes to rot in the detritus of history. In thirty years, the children of the lawmakers will embarrassingly remove these bills, incredulously wondering, “What the hell were these guys thinking?”

But of course, it’s not that simple. A return to Jim Crowe — which is exactly what these bills are — should be a dangerous and unnerving concept for anyone who remembers what legal, state-sanctioned discrimination looks like. There was a time not that long ago when businesses could post “No Colored People” and be protected by law.


If anyone, like me, is already tired of this shit, it’s because this is nothing new.

We The Queers have been a threat to them since we first raised a rainbow flag and said, “Enough is enough.” We’re a threat because we’re winning. Frankly, it’s not just LGBT. Everyone who stands on the side of progress — everyone who speaks up about racism in the police force and about gender equality — threatens the dying and dangerous way they think.

Their radicalized, modern conservatism — the American Tea Party — is a response to the overwhelming social progress and shift in social opinions brewing for years. Put more simply: “Family values,” heteronormativity, and White Privilege are being backed into a corner, and they don’t like it. Hence: RFRA.

According to statistics, support for LGBT issues has doubled among people of all ages in the Unites States since 2000.

It’s not just youth. With more exposure and conversation about LGBT Rights in mainstream media, attitudes across generations are rapidly changing.

So if you’re really concerned and want to kill these bills, call your state representatives. Write your legislators. And most importantly, VOTE, and vote for the party and the candidate that is progressively minded.

The population of the country that is the most socially liberal — millennials and anyone born in the late 80’s/early 90’s — is the community that simply does not show up at the polls on election day, and certainly not for midterm elections. That needs to change.

When your friends say they’re going to vote Republican, ask them, “Why?” Demand an answer, and tell them that “because my parents do” doesn’t cut it.

If you have religious friends who “are totally down with the gays” but support RFRA, demand an explanation. Is it really part of their religious practice to refuse emergency services to homosexuals, or to discriminate on the basis of any natural characteristic (like skin color or gender)? If they say “yes,” ask yourself if you want to be friends with such a person. Their god must be pretty delicate to be threatened by two gay men wanting a wedding cake.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see more stuff like this. I get more political on there. I leave this blog for literary musings and occasional anecdotes about sex, but if you would like me to put my game face on, tell me.



– Beastly

Writer, blogger, illustrator, kinkster.

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