Ask Beastly

Have a sex/dating question? Use the contact form below.

All questions — all relationships, orientations, and identities — are welcome. LGBTQ+ folks, ask away. Trans folks, please ask. Straight, cisgender folks, you are welcome. Women and femmes, I’m here to help.

I do not edit questions, nor do I answer questions that are indecipherable. Sending a message does not guarantee a reply or post. I will not respond to multiple messages from the same email address, nor will I reply to messages containing hate speech.

IMPORTANT: I will not respond to messages not intended for publication. By emailing me, you consent to my sharing, in part or full, your message. I will NEVER share your name or email, and any/all identifying features including names of other people and names of places will be removed. If you do not see your message appear within one month, a) please wait, as I have quite a few to respond to, or b) I have chosen to not to respond to it.

PLEASE include your preferred pronouns in your question.


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